Wedding photographer on the Klewenalp

Intense rain was in store for us at the wedding of Alex and Ivo. But it should be different ... Ivo waited nervously in front of the Ratshus Schüür next to the registry office Baar for his bride. Quietly Alex crept up from behind, magically touching Ivo's fingertips before the two of them fell into each other's arms. A perfect starting point for this really emotional wedding party!

In the meantime, the colourful crowd of friends gathered high above Beckenried on Klewenalp for the reception of the bridal couple. Thick fog covered the dream view of the surrounding mountains. Drinks and good music awakened the anticipation for the reception of the bridal couple.

Down in the valley we drove to the shore of Lake Lucerne for a small shooting in Beckenried after the civil marriage ceremony. Bravely we defied the still nasty weather. As a wedding photographer, it is important for me to find out from the bridal couple in the preliminary talk how we plan the procedure in case of rain. This way we can create very passionate and visually exciting pictures even in less than ideal weather conditions and also know when we want to return to the warmth.

In order to have a small time advantage, I take the gondola up to the Klewenalp before the bridal couple. And then it happened: as the gondola of the bridal couple becomes visible, the clowdy ceiling opens. Magical. At the top of the mountain, the celebrating company greets the bridal couple with the first sunrays of the day. Spontaneously the reception is moved outside, hugs and dances.

A wild and romantic lighting mood developed outside while we ate the main course. I was deeply touched as Alex and Ivo took each other in the evening light and enjoyed the last rays of the day. This fantastic wedding at Klewenalp had everything I love as a wedding photographer: emotions, surprises, great location and great guests!

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